Will Murray is a Super of the Tech Genius classification. He and his twin sister Jill joined the Lander HCP together, with Will providing Jill most of her gear.

After graduating, Will took the Hero name Technomancer and interned under Misdirection of the team Elemental Fury in Brewster.

Appearance Edit

Will wore standard, wire-frame glasses and had a short frame that filled out with lean muscle as he progressed through his tenure at Lander. His brown hair and blue eyes also matches that of his sister, Jill.

Background Edit

Will and Jill's mother was an abusive parent, who would often beat on her children. Eventually, Will stopped her. Ever since then, he has been extremely protective of his sister, frequently intervening in the abusive relationships she tended to get herself into without her knowledge.

His willingness to cross the line attracted the attention of a number of Subtlety Heroes in his fourth year at Lander. Misdirection of the Elemental Fury team secretly tested his ability and willingness to cross the line. He passed by getting close to the line without actually crossing it, so she offered to mentor him during his internship.

Personality Edit

Will is an introvert and has trouble relating to people. If not for his more outgoing sister dragging him to social events, he would have spent much of his life indoors, tinkering with some gadget or other.

His high intelligence and willingness to bend the rules make him a natural Subtlety student, although he also takes a Weapons class, where he uses a weapon he himself created. Will also has a natural leadership ability and is secretly planning to eventually start his own Hero team, even though it's very rare for a Subtlety Hero to be the leader.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Will is a Tech Genius, with combined super-intelligence and an intuitive understanding of technology, allowing him to develop equipment and gadgets far superior to what is commercially available. He spends much of his time developing and upgrading equipment for Jill, although he also builds himself a few devices as well.

After Jill drops of out the HCP in their fourth year, Will is able to direct his focus towards his own HCP career.

Mr. Numbers admits that Will may be potentially smarter than even he. For reference, the former can crunch numbers faster than any known supercomputer.


Multi-Purpose Bow Staff

Advanced Flying Drones

Physical Enhancement Suit

Sonic Tasers

Ray Guns

3d Projector

Pills that blocks alcohol from being absorbed into the body, instead harmlessly secreting it.