Thomas Castillo was a natural born Super that attended Lander's Hero certification program.

Appearance Edit

Thomas was a tall dark skinned man with, short hair, and a naturally deep and measured voice.

Background Edit

Thomas presumably grew up in a normal neighborhood before his tenure at Lander's HCP and revealed the fact that he and Violet had a prior romantic relationship.

Personality Edit

Thomas has always had a strong sense of pride in both his power, personality, and the responsibility he sought to assume as a Hero. He often strove to prove his combat prowess with his power over the defensive/support aspects, leading to him seeking out direct conflict over more smart plays during the early years.

After the final trial in Year 2 that lead to Vince absorbing Thomas's energy, he developed a sharp fear of Vince due to the light mental trauma of having his power completely drained. It took Thomas weeks of routinely getting his energy drained for him to get past this fear and gain confidence that he could beat Vince despite the absorption.

By Year 4 Thomas had leaned more into the natural strength of his powers and gained a measure of comfort with his role in teams.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Thomas has the variant human ability of freely producing and controlling a glowing, malleable energy.

  • It glows orange; bright enough to serve as an adequate light source when navigating dark spaces.
  • Its malleable and energy-based state of matter renders it immune to most Telepath's telekinesis.
  • Thomas can see through his energy while others only see a solid orange glow.
  • The energy manifests and extends from his skin outwards, but cannot be separated and if forcibly ripped off it quickly dissipates.
  • Thomas can extend and shape it into several feet long tendrils, hammer, hands, etc etc. Even surround his body with it to act as a suit of armor and enable flight. In Year 4 he gains enough range and stamina to coat an entire room in his energy and have the listed constructs extend from it's surface.
  • Can be wielded with enough force to throw someone through a tree, shatter concrete, and tear through armored robots.