Shane was a student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program. He is a natural Super that has trained most of his life to become a Hero and is the younger brother of Angela DeSoto. His grandfather is Graham DeSoto, aka Captain Starlight, the first Hero. He graduates with the Class of Nightmares and takes the Hero name Styx.

Appearance Edit

Shane has been described as a tall young man with short, dark hair and blue eyes. He already had an extremely athletic build as a result of his initial training during childhood and his four years as an HCP student served to increase both his strength and stamina. He typically only dressed in practical and dark clothes, in contrast to the rather showy cloak and hood he wears later in his Hero career.

The sclera of his eyes turn pitch black when he uses his ability.

Background Edit Edit

Shane grew up under the very first Hero, Captain Starlight, his grandfather. From a young age, his grandfather trained him to use his powers with precision/control, hand to hand combat, and battle tactics. As part of this training, his grandfather constantly pitted him against his older sister, Angela.This training has been indicated to be incredibly extensive, grueling, and potentially dangerous to a lethal degree. The training included martial combat, power based combat, strategic thinking, firearms, power interaction experience with a variety of Heroes, and trips through the devastation Super fights can result in.

Shane has been around Heroes his entire life. He has seen their successes and more importantly, their deaths. Of all the Class of Nightmares, he is most familiar with what it takes to be a Hero on a day to day basis. He could never quite manage to stop crying during the funerals. And, just like with Angela, a prominent figure in his life was his Auntie Sharon who gave him a rather cryptic reassurance before dying in the field: "Never fear, little Shane. There is strength in you that you'll never know until you call on it. I think, one day, you'll be the most fearless of us all."

Eventually his training came to an end when he graduated from high school, applied, and then was accepted into Lander's Hero Certification Program.

Personality Edit

Shane DeSoto initially had a reserved and gruff personality during Year 1, only caring about training and trying to surpass Chad. Eventually, though, he loosened up and his rivalry with Chad turned into a solid friendship as both became more socially outgoing.

His extreme dedication towards training in how to fight nonlethally with both his powers and body, and secretly held hesitation towards lethal combat, nearly cost him his life during Lander's Crucible. He hardened his resolve after being saved by Angela that night and doesn't show the same hesitance when needing to take a life later in the series.

In Year 3 it is revealed that he is a fan of old-school horror movies and shares Alex and Hershel's love of certain parts of pulp culture, specifically, the movie called "Star Puncher".

Variant Human Ability Edit

Shane has the ability to control and manipulate materialized shadows into blades and tendrils. This power is similar to the other half of Captain Starlight's light and darkness manipulation. The blades and tendrils Shane makes are strong enough to incapacitate strongmen, have a large range, and are incredibly fast. He can also apparently "feel" it when his sclera turned black and his senses warped as he "reached into" shadows to fill them with "life and danger".

With his training, both before and during his attendance to Lander, Shane has been able to:

  • Lift a sizable tree with one tendril.
  • Cut with enough precision to only sever someone's muscle tendons and/or sever their spinal cord for palatalization.
  • Cut through the ultra-dense material of strongmen Sims.
  • Destroy over thirty Sims with just the shadows of an alley.
  • Utilize dozens of shadows to cut down half of a mock-forest.
  • Can make multiple blades spin around an area to act as a stationary defense and can even make it move with him as he runs.
  • Position a shadow fast enough to slice a rubber bullet out of the air.

Shane's shadows do have an obvious weakness, however: They rapidly dissipate when they draw too close to a light source.