Sasha Foster was a natural born Super that attended Lander's Hero certification program.

Appearance Edit

Sasha was a tall woman with the lean figure of a track star and generally held herself with great poise and control.(This was possibly aided by her power.) She had long, jet black hair with streaks of pink running all the way down to it's tips.

Background Edit

Sasha was the daughter of two, human parents who we're originally very overbearing and often interfered in her romantic like to convince their daughter to date other Supers. They stopped when Sasha pretended to date a Powered as a warning.

She used to date Vince during freshman year. After hearing that Vince is a Powered and lied about it, she took it very badly; dumping him and holding a very cruel attitude towards him throughout most of Year 2 before eventually moving on. Months later, she dates Alex Griffin. During Lander's Crucible, she sacrificed her life for him.

Personality Edit

Sasha started off with a very upfront and carefree attitude; from her brazen advances toward Vince, thoughts on Powereds, and confidence in her own power. This briefly changed to steely determination to be the best and a nigh-obsessive hatred of the Melbrook 5(And Vince in particular) during the start of Year 2. She regained more of her carefree nature during Year 3, especially after getting together with Alex and bonding over some of the series he likes.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Sasha Foster was a standard Super Speedster with "mid-range peak acceleration capabilities, but higher than normal levels of durability".(Year 3, Page 449)

This comes with the usual enhanced reflexes and coordination required to operate while using her power.

  • Can accelerate to hundreds of miles per hour in a matter of seconds.
  • Got back up after a large electrical shock from Jill's suit.
  • Was one of two students to actually see and dodge Professor Fletcher's initial attack.
  • Her power also came with a significant boost to her metabolism.