Rich Weaver is a natural born Super that attended Lander's Hero certification program. He has the ability to trap people inside their own minds via eye contact and looks down on most humans.

Appearance Edit

Rich is a tall man with dark hair, a goatee, and equally dark eyes.

Background Edit

Rich Weaver grew up arrogant and mostly unchallenged due to his power's ability to get him out of trouble and intimidate most other people. This gradually lead to him developing the view that Supers are superior to humans. Referring to them as "Lower beings" and describing them as "Weaker, slower, dumber, all-around less capable entities.".(Year 2)

Personality Edit

Rich entered Lander's Hero Certification Program thinking that his ability was the most useful in the entire class, and the numerous trials and tests did not change his view.(Despite failing multiple times.) This leads to him walking into situations with too much assurance of victory and occasionally get's lost in the sense of superiority it gives him. This attitude persists for the full four years of his tenure at the Lander HCP.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Rich Weaver has the ability to lock someone within their own mind upon making eye contact with them, and the experience always leaves the target with a bad case of cotton-mouth.

This ability has a surprising amount of nuance after he makes eye contact, he can:

  • Lock someone inside of their own subconscious/mental stronghold.
  • Craft a scenario of his own that he wants the target to experience.
  • Enable or prevent the target from moving in response to what they're experiencing.
  • Enable a target to be quasi-awake, but reacts to the real world based on how he wants them to view it.

The only way to defend against his ability is to simply not make eye contact.(Getting him to look away, closing your eyes, aiming at center mass instead of at his face, etc etc) And the only Supers known to be immune to his ability are those that have fundamentally changed the internal working of their brain structure and nullifiers.