Titan, or Owen Daniels, was a world renowned Hero, a "Household Name". He is Roy Daniels father and an alumnus of Sizemore Tech Hero Certification Program (HCP).

In Super Powereds Year 4, he extends an offer for Roy/Hershel to intern under him with the Gentle Hammers and it is accepted.

Appearance Edit

Titan is described as being nearly seven feet tall, extremely muscular, with dark hair and green eyes, and is said to look much younger than he actually is. His Hero uniform consists of a red shirt, red mask, and blue jeans.

Background Edit

Owen Daniels grew up in, or at least near, a city and was raised by normal parents. His power manifested when he was young boy and feel off his bike, scraping his knee. When he took the same tumble again he didn't have so much as a scratch.

Eventually Owen applied to the Sizemore Tech HCP and had a rival during his four years of attendance that helped him come up with his Hero name before he attended Intramurals and graduated as "Titan".

Titan interned under a Hero named Citadel for two years before forming a Hero team called the "Gentle Hammers"; a specialized team made of coordinated heavy hitters. After a time, though, Titan's power and reputation began to eclipse those of his other members, eventually becoming a word renowned Hero.

Somewhere during this time Owen had met Sally Daniels; dating, marrying, and eventually having a child with her.(

☀Hershel Daniels) His family life lasted for at least a few years until the Titan Scandal occurred. Owen cheated on his wife with a male Hero called Tower, revealing himself to actually be a gay man hiding his sexuality.

Afterwards Owen could not stand all of the pressure and scrutiny, leading to him divorcing his wife, abandoning his son, quitting the Hero life, and going off to run a gay bar in Colorado.

☀Roy came by as a teenager to question his father, but inevitably left in a fit of rage.

This all changed however when Hershel came to Owen with a problem in Year 2.

Personality Edit

Owen has a very straight forward and understanding personality, though his scandal was a slight exception in the beginning. He also prefers that others treat him the same way, specifically; "... and he'd(Owen) prefer someone who called him a fucker and took a swing at him far above people who got put out."

In Year 2 he was incredibly repentant about cheating on his wife but needed to get yelled at by his kids to push him back into the Hero world, is a big believer in the philosophy of "Hit and get hit." for strongmen Heroes, and initially looked down upon PEERS teams as corporate shills prior to the events in Corpies.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Titan has the ability of adaptation: "The same tricks don't work on me twice." Corpies, Chapter 34

This means that, among other things, if he sustains and survives an injury, he will not be able to be injured in the same manner again. If he struggles to lift something heavy, after a given time frame, he will no longer struggle to lift something of that weight again. Titan's ability also includes a greatly increased rate of healing, practically unlimited stamina, and a resistance to the effects of aging. His ability does not allow for his muscles to atrophy, so once he reaches a new level of strength, his maximum will stay there permanently. Despite all of his strength and durability, he is still susceptible to new types of attack and powers that he has never encountered before and that are strong enough to bypass his already existent adaptations.

Raw Physical Ability:

  • Can easily overpower a machine meant to handle three tons of force without substantially exerting himself.
  • Launched Granite(A multi-ton shifter) over three meters with one punch.
  • Lifted a building sized robot.(After it's gravity was lessened.)
  • Tanked every bomb, laser, gun, heat/fire, electricity, super tech meant to cut through ultra-durable material, and a nano-bot based attack from a hyper-advanced robot enemy without any damage.
  • Has, "kicked the dogshit out of countless Manhattans and even a few Armageddons", in the past.

His adaptation ability even allows Titan to negate more unconventional methods of affecting his body:

  • Direct Biology Manipulation(Healing)
  • Temporal Shifting(Teleportation)
  • Dimensional Shifting
  • Matter Disintegration and Erosion.
  • Poisoning

Though, being a Super, Titan can suppress these adaptations.

Indirect methods of manipulation work fine however: Telekinesis, Illusions made by manipulating light, Gravity, and various area manipulation Powers being the main ones so far.


  • Knockout gas would tickle his throat.
  • His brain is especially vulnerable.(Confirmed by the fact that a Super with the ability to manifest brain aneurysms could kill him.)
  • It takes hours(?) for his power to fully adapt to an entirely new threat.