Nick Campbell is one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. He was a college student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP) until he was expelled after the events of his sophomore year.

Nick stays enrolled at Lander University in order to stay close to the Melbrook residents. He goes on to become a senator and marries Alice Adair, having 2 kids with her.

Appearance Edit

Nick is 5'10" with a lean body type that becomes muscular, even after only 2 years of HCP physical conditioning. He has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. While at Lander, he is known for wearing sunglasses.

Background Edit

When Nick was a child, his powers triggered and killed his parents. After his parents death, Nick was sent to live with his aunt, Ms. Pips, who is the leader of an organized crime family in Las Vegas. Nick is being groomed to be her successor. As part of this grooming, Nick was raised by another man in the organization named Gerry. Gerry trained in in all aspects of their family and is the closest thing to a father Nick considers having.

Personality Edit

As part of Nick's training under Gerry, he became incredibly intelligent, calculating, and manipulative. This leads to Nick being very confident in himself.

While at Lander, Nick takes on a persona of the class clown, downplaying his keen intelligence and tactical mind. He is more sarcastic than anything else.

Variant Human Power Edit

Nick's power is the ability to manipulate chance. When using his power, his eyes glow gold.

On top of his power, Nick is extremely intelligent and insightful, often being able to predict opponent moves and reactions. As part of his Vegas training, Nick is adept with weapons (mostly using hand guns) and hand to hand fighting.