Nicholas Campbell is one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. He was a college student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP).

 Appearances  Edit

Nicholas was a lean male with sandy brown hair and rarely seen brown eyes. Just like everyone else that attended the HCP; the physical conditioning from the two years he was enrolled significantly improved his physique.

Nick's most prevalent physical feature, however, is a pair of sunglasses he wears religiously whenever at Lander. This was done to hide the fact that his eyes glowed gold whenever he used his ability.

 Background Edit

Nick was born as a Powered from regular human parents, he theorizes that his powers manifested at an exceptionally young age; around when he was four months old.

Nick's birth parents died in a car accident when he was only four months old, so his only family consisted of Mrs. Pips, his aunt, and her right hand assistant, Gerry for most of his life. During that time Mrs. Pips diligently trained and groomed Nick to eventually take over as leader of "the family" in Vegas.(Specifically the Evers branch.)

This training consisted of martial combat, both armed and unarmed, manipulating and reading people, cracking security systems/code cracking both the digital and old-fashioned, and how to do proper research.

 Personality Edit

Nick is highly intelligent, adaptive, and manipulative. He has shown astounding loyalty to his fellow Melbrook residents, even willing to put his life on the line for them.

Unlike most of the Melbrook clue, how Nick presented himself to other people changed very little over the years they spent together. The true change was in his values and priorities, shifting from an uncaring manipulator that viewed almost everyone as an "asset" to more of a caring trickster.

Though should be noted that even after his change of heart Nick is still not above lying or taking morally questionable actions for the sake of his allies.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Probability/Luck Manipulation

Nick has the ability to control luck, though he has stated several times that he can only influence whether it is positive or negative, he cannot generate specific outcomes.

Though he has demonstrated the ability to fire off bad-luck in a general direction or towards a specific target. This ability was strong enough to make all the tires on a truck pop, blowout the engine, and cause the axle to break; all in quick succession. He eventually developed a secondary ability that allows him to sense the general direction and time of when a large number of high chance of events are about to occur incredibly close to each other.

When boosted Nick sees "lines of probability" that are interconnected to every event within his range, changing and/or disappearing as events occurred naturally or because of him using his power.

It should be noted that Nick cannot manipulate or change an event if it has a likelihood of happening that's too close to 0% or 100%.