A Hero is a Super who has been trained and certified to fight Supers engaged in criminal activities. These are the only people that are deemed as insurable and as such are protected from culpability over damage caused in the course of their duties. The process to become a Hero requires acceptance into and completion of the Hero Certification Program, followed by two years working under the supervision of a current Hero.

Responsibilities and Restrictions Edit

Although heroes, upon graduation, are no longer liable for damages caused in performing their duties, they are still subject to oversight. There are also certain conditions a hero has to meet in order to continue their work and keep their status as a hero.

Internship Edit

A two-year internship, colloquially referred to a “side-kicking” under Hero who has worked in the field for no less than ten years. At the end of this period, the intern Hero will be evaluated to determine if they are capable of working on their own, or if more training is required.[1]

DVA Monitoring Edit

All Heroes are evaluated by and report to the Department of Variant Human Affairs (DVA). They are required to undergo regular health-checks, be debriefed and counseled after violent encounters, and report for questioning when excessive civilian lives are lost. The DVA ultimately makes the determination on whether a Hero who is accused of negligence is guilty or not, a sentence that effectively terminates their career.[2]

Cooperation with Law Enforcement Edit

Heroes are expected to work with standard law enforcement and rescue agencies when called upon, unless they are already actively working on a criminal Super’s case. Ignoring the requests of other agencies can result in reports to the DVA, and applicable penalties.[3]

References Edit