The Damage Rating is a classification system for Supers and Powereds that ranks them based on the amount of damage one can cause within the span of an hour. The Damage Rating is often mistaken as a power rating, even by heroes, and there have been attempts by the DVA to create one which ultimately failed due to the constantly changing understanding of variant humans and their abilities. This system is first explained in detail in Corpies, Chapter 16.

Ranking System Edit

Non-Threatening Combatant Class Edit

The Non-Threatening Combatant Class, also abbreviated as NTC Class, covers variant humans who have the same propensity of damage as a regular human. They are often just as frail, requiring only a "tap to the head" to incapacitate one. Many healer type variant humans and those with low-caliber display abilities.

Examples of Non-Threatening Combatant Class:

  • Zero
  • Hallow

Standard Class Edit

The Standard Class covers those who are capable of inflicting significant damage and can be a danger to life but are not a threat to a large-scale area. Like the name would suggest, most Supers fall into this category.

Examples of Standard Class:

  • Intra (Joshua and Chad Taylor)
  • Grasp (Dean of Sizemore Tech)

Demolition Class Edit

The Demolition Class covers those who, if left unchecked, could level entire city blocks.

Examples of Demolition Class:

  • Titan
  • Hexcellent
  • Overgrowth (Dean of West Private University)

Manhattan Class Edit

The Manhattan Class, likely referring to the Manhattan Project that oversaw the research and development of nuclear weapons, covers those who are capable of inflicting damage of similar impact and scale to a nuclear bomb.

Examples of the Manhattan Class.

  • Vince Reynolds

Armageddon Class Edit

The Armageddon Class is the final and highest ranking position of the damage rating. Those under this category are capable of destruction on a global scale.

Examples of Armageddon Class:

  • Globe
  • Vince Reynolds (Vince actually shows that he possesses this this classification when in the epilogue of book 4 he absorbs the energy of a Manhattan Class super with supreme ease. This means that with every other type energy he can easily store enough to reach the Armageddon Class.)