The Class of Nightmares is a famous class of graduates from Lander University. They were given this nickname based on how their fights always seemed to end up being extremely brutal, violent, or bloody.

Members Edit

Vince Reynolds - Vince is an energy absorber. He can absorb and expel several types of energy. He goes by the Hero name, Jack of All.

Chad Taylor - Chad has total molecular control of his body. He goes by the Hero name, Intra.

Shane DeSoto - Shane is a shadow manipulator. He goes by the Hero name, Styx.

Thomas Castillo - Thomas is an energy projector. His energy has an orange color to it. He goes by the Hero name, Citrine.

Will Murray - Will is a genius tech builder. He goes by the Hero name, Technomancer.

Camille Belden - Camille is an injury absorber. She can absorb and expel injuries just by touching an opponent. She goes by the Hero name, Adrestia.

Alice Adair - Alice is a gravity manipulator. She goes by the Hero name, Legacy.

Violet Sullivan - Violet is a density manipulator. She goes by the Hero name, Plummet.

Alex Griffen - Alex’s power is similar to that of an advanced mind, but with both major and subtle differences. For example, unlike telekinetics, he can alter and control energy. His more telepathic abilities are more akin to empathetic readings that complete mind reading or manipulation. His hero name is Knockoff.

Hershel/Roy Daniels - Two Brothers inhabiting one body, Hershel and Roy’s power is easiest filed under a shifter ability, Hershel shifting into his very powerful Strongman brother Roy. However, after gaining the ability to communicate with each other regardless of which brother is in control, Roy’s incredible strength and endurance is heightened by the intelligent and tactical mind of Hershel. His hero name is Ettin.