The Class of Legends is a well-known group of Heroes and former Heroes who graduated in the same year from Lander's Hero Certification Program.  They are known for being unusually skilled and powerful, and all ten graduates are famous (or infamous) worldwide.[1]

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Members Edit

Blaine Jeffries (Zero) - Neutralizes other Supers' powers, Dean of Lander's HCP.

Sean Pendleton (Wisp) - Turns into fog, served as Professor of Subtlety at Lander's HCP in place of jail time and continued the post after serving his sentence. Currently lives in a Super Community set up by Captain Starlight after the events of book 4.

Gerard Cooper (Raze) - Disintegrates matter. He had his Hero Certificate revoked for being framed for destroying the San Rafael bridge with over three hundred innocent civilians on it, when Coach George really did it. He is currently on the run for charges of theft after having dissolved the door to a gold vault.

Casper (Hallow) - Extreme healing including the reversal of aging. He retired from Hero work at some point and is lucratively self-employed using his code name. He was offered the Subtlety post at Lander's HCP but turned it down citing financial motivation.

Clarissa (Shimmerpath) - Teleports through a unique power which creates tunnels that warp space between places she has been which appear for her, they appear as tunnels of light. She and Phil moved to the community set up by Graham De Soto where they live with their daughter born after the events of book 4.

Phillip Adair (Globe) - Controls everything within his radius on an atomic level but does not have control over his own body, an ability often called the god field. Older brother and teammate of Charles Adair (The Alchemist) and adoptive father of Vince Reynolds (Jack of All). He was a wanted fugitive for the death of Intra until the truth of Charles’ corruption and deception came out. After the events at the bunker he marries his longtime love interest Clarissa. They live in a community of supers created by Graham De Soto after the events of book 4, he is also up for a HPC Professorship in Control at Sizemore Tech.

Joshua Taylor (Intra) - Complete control of his body. He was killed by his teammate Globe after he threatened to harm Charles’ daughter Alice. He was blackmailed into doing this by Charles Adair and Blake Hill. They wanted Globe to kill him so they could use his brain and body to find a cure for Shelby Adair (née Hill) who was a powered.

Victor Pakulski (Bullrush) - Strongman. When his aging made him slow, he retired from Hero work to coach in the Super Athletics Association.[2]

Marianne (Ionics) - Powers unknown, retired, married, and raising three children.[2]

Devin Verdant (Forgettable Guy) - A hero with the power to make people forget who he is, including the author. Verified (kinda in a forgettable way) by the author in the Super Powered, Book 4 Afterword. [3]

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