• Authority - Also known as "Concurrent Effect Dominance". Who, among two Supers, has the more dominant ability. This doesn't mean that one ability is stronger than the other, just more dominance. If two Supers stand next to each other with conflicting power effects, the more dominant power will happen.
  • Hero - A Super who has been trained and certified to fight Supers engaged in criminal activities. These are the only people that are deemed as insurable and as such are protected from culpability over damage caused in the course of their duties. The process to become a Hero requires acceptance into and completion of the Hero Certification Program, followed by two years working under the supervision of a current Hero.
  • Hero Certification Program - A system designed to educate Supers on the duties and strategies of being a Hero while simultaneously weeding out those who cannot handle such responsibility. Currently there are five colleges in the United States that offer Hero Certification Programs.
  • Power Classifications - A list designed to give shorthand terminology to describe a Super's abilities.
  • Powered - A person who possesses an ability beyond the physical capabilities of humans that they cannot control. Being Powered is considered a handicap due to the difficulties it can impose on one's life, to the point where there are charities and organizations dedicated to helping them cope. Prior to the start of the story there were no recorded cases of a Powered becoming either a Super or a human.
  • Super - A person who possesses and can control an ability beyond the physical capabilities of humans. Though seemingly straightforward, the exact definition for what constitutes beyond human abilities is always changing. An example of this is Will Murray, whose power was not viewed as fitting the requirements to make him a Super until a few years after his birth.

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