Camille was a student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program. She is a natural Super that has trained during most of her teenage years to become a Hero after being saved and inspired by Vince during an event in childhood.

Appearance Edit

Camille is a short woman with bleach, blonde hair and a lean frame.

Background Edit Edit

Camille Belden is of French descent, from her mothers side, and is the only Super in her family. This caused strife in the initial years following her manifestation.

She was severely bullied as a child due to her being a Super, until having a chance meeting Vince while she was being beaten who did the one thing most people hadn't in that point of her life: stand up and fight. This event inspired her to become a Hero and sparked her infatuation with Vince.

Afterwards the bullying died down and Camille focused on martial training and exploring her healing power by volunteering at a hospital.

Personality Edit

Camille Belden was almost always a socially recluse and anxious person, and she appeared as such during her first two years in Lander's HCP. Though through constantly putting herself into public, social events she has managed to better prepare herself for the inevitable publicity of her job and grow in confidence.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Camille Belden has the Variant Human ability to "absorb" and store injuries and then transfer them to other living beings.

  • She can use this power to heal herself.
  • It is "hit or miss" when used on sick individuals.
  • Can't cause limbs to fully regenerate but doesn't leave behind scar tissue.
  • Injuries as vague as physical exhaustion are susceptible to her power.
  • Healing of extreme or especially tiring "injuries" does make her target tired afterwards.
  • She has displayed no quantifiable limit as of yet.
  • Can transfer and take several injuries with only a slight brush of her finger-tips.
  • Her ability ignores the enhanced durability of most Supers so long as they are organic.

Camille's only known weaknesses is that her ability requires concentration to activate and skin contact to use on others.