Angela was a student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program. She is a natural Super that has trained most of her life to become a Hero and is the older sister of Shane DeSoto.


Angela is described as a tall blonde woman with vibrant blue eyes. She has an extremely athletic build as a result of her initial training during childhood and throughout her four years as an HCP student. Her hair used to be long, almost flowing, but has since been cut shorter after she graduated and became an intern. </p>


Angela is a natural born Super that was born into a family of Heroes. The relatively rapid death of her family members that took up the mantle of Hero, a pivotal point being her aunt Sharon's speech about the variety of ways of dealing with the eventuality of death, resulted in her carefree, wild, and dedicated personality.

She was trained to be a Hero by her grandfather, Graham DeSoto, very soon after her power developed during early childhood, like most Supers. This training has been indicated to be incredibly extensive, grueling, and potentially dangerous to a lethal degree. The training included martial combat, power based combat, strategic thinking, firearms, power interaction experience with a variety of Heroes, and trips through the devastation Super fights can result in.

And one of the most consistent and prominent parts of the training was how she was pitted against her brother, Shane DeSoto, for the title of Captain Starlight.

Eventually her training came to end when she graduated from high school, applied, and then was accepted into Lander's Hero Certification Program.


Angela has an incredibly boisterous and aggressive attitude. Always living life to the fullest after her last talk with her aunt Sharon.

Though often appearing cocky and arrogant, she is actually incredibly methodical and pragmatic, especially when it concerns her personal relationships and responsibilities. As well as incredibly ambitious; she aims to have a reputation exceeding Captain Starlight's.

She prefers old-school flip phones over touchscreens that "devoured people's lives" and is only romantically attracted to people that are warriors like her.

Powers Edit

Angela inherited one half of her grandfather's powers. She is able to make golden hard light constructs of any shape or size, which can also be telekinetically controlled from an unknown distance.

Angela has such fine tuned control and skill that she can:

  • Create a whole suit of armor around herself.
  • Animate her armor (could wrap around someone else while growing spikes on the inside of it.)
  • Create large tower shields.
  • Create swords, Maces, daggers, spears, claws, flails, etc.
  • Make a fully functional chainsaw.
  • Craft a bladed collar around someone's neck.
  • Sense large sources of light that make contact with her.
  • Use her mental control to push her armor around at above-human speed while still inside of it, giving her enhanced strength and speed on top of the defense the armor provides.