Alex Griffen is a natural born Super that attended Lander's Hero certification program. He has a variation on the typical Advanced Mind power set, initially believing himself to basically being a "Jedi".

Appearance Edit

Alex looks rather average, with sandy hair and brown eyes. No obviously unnatural traits that would oust him as a Super.

Background Edit

Alex grew up as the only open Super in his small town. Which made him a bit of a local celebrity in his hometown, in which he got used to being the only Super around and the strongest person in his life. This made it a bit of a challenge to adjust to his initial year at the HCP due to him being far from the strongest Super around.

Personality Edit

In Year 1 Alex was a mostly upbeat and nerdy guy that got along great with Hershel due to their common interests in games, comics, and obscure movies. Though he would often get very angry when people called him a Telepath, claiming that he was instead a Jedi, and was slightly insecure about his combat prowess.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Alex has a variation on the Advanced Mind power-set that is very similar to what a Jedi can do.

Empathy: Alex can remotely detect the feelings and emotions of other living things in a radius of several blocks. He can do this with enough precision to accurately interpret what someone's true intentions are and even what they're thinking.

Telekinesis: Unlike most Telepaths, Alex gets nothing when he tries to affect the physical world with his mind. From his perspective, he utilizes/directs an outside force to achieve a variety of affects with far more precision than most other telekinetics:

  • General, all purpose telekinesis.(Can lift several hundred pounds.)
  • Manipulate energy based attacks.
  • Block sound.
  • Push away fog.(While not affecting the things inside the fog.)
  • Reach inside someones' body and use TK on their insides.